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As a Certfied Executive Coach on Salt Spring Island, my mission is to be a thinking partner with people to create insight and commitment to clarity in taking action. I bring curiosity, warmth, and deep listening to help my client uncover awareness in real time.


Welcome to Authentic Insights Coaching

As a Certified Executive Coach on Salt Spring Island, my mission is to be a thinking partner with you to create insight and commitment to clarity in taking action.

I bring curiosity, warmth, and deep listening to help you uncover awareness in real time. My approach results in natural, organic and honest conversations around accountability. With years of experience in senior leadership roles, I have a rich background from which to coach current, new and emerging leaders. My goal in working with you is to create positive acceleration of performance!

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. If you are seeking to be more effective working with others, we can co-create a plan to get you there.

Some questions for reflection:

What it is you truly want?
Where will the courage come from?
What do you need to move into this preferred future state?

Coaching is a process that can transform your approach so you gain more insight, clarity and focus on what is truly important.

Read a case study

A Case Study

When Jenelle came to coaching, she was frustrated with her inability to be taken seriously at work. She is a highly qualified mechanical engineer, with many years of experience on job sites both as an individual contributor and as a supervisor. A couple of years ago, she made the decision to become an instructor in a well-respected college. She loves her students, enjoys being part of preparing the next generation of professionals, and wants to support more women to choose a career in her field.

As the coaching engagement progressed, Jenelle gained clarity around how to build relationships across her workplace and with other colleges. She identified an opportunity to be part of a large collaborative project, and was successful in joining the group. Simultaneously, she applied for her first research grant and received funding for a project which will improve instruction in her department. Coaching supported Jenelle to reach her goals, and to achieve outcomes that she didn’t think were possible.

Clients know they can trust me to be a discrete and reflective thinking partner. I work with established and emerging leaders in post-secondary education, law, the tech and not-for-profit sectors as well as individual contributors and entrepreneurs. We work on challenges ranging from career transitions, to clarifying strategic direction and untangling conflict-laden situations. My goal is to add value to every conversation so clients gain clarity and confidence.

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience”.
-John Dewey

Personal Statement

My professionalism and the ability to create trust and intimacy open doors for my clients’ success.

I specialize in working with people who are in a variety of leadership roles in post-secondary settings. If you find yourself in a world of deep and wrenching change, coaching can help you develop resilience and confidence. I can support you to bring about the level of transformation that you envision for yourself. You can do your very best under challenging circumstances, and I can be a partner on that journey.

My values of integrity and respect are paramount. I believe that the coach’s ability to convey respect is demonstrated in competency, especially at the beginning and end of a coaching conversation. I create and hold space for you to get beneath the ‘topic’ of the call to a clear articulation of what is truly meaningful to you so a richer exploration can take place. At the conclusion of the conversation, delving into the ‘why’ of your next steps with concrete details and a ‘say it out loud’ commitment leads to a shared identification of accountability.

I am a coach who listens deeply to words, meanings and the person, with no judgement.


“There are times in your life when you simply need to know there’s someone on your side. That’s

She’s a professional and empathetic leader and coach who intuitively understands your needs.Working with Kathryn has been life changing.

As I entered the coaching realm, I was in a work environment that often felt discouraging and oppressive. This had eroded my confidence and drained my enthusiasm. I was dissatisfied and had no purpose or goals.

Kathryn is masterful at guiding you through a transformation process that is not only right for you, but also powerful and effective. Each conversation is guided by compassion and honesty, with just the right amount of toughness.

After our first session, I was energized, focussed, and ready to take a positive step forward.

Throughout our coaching sessions, Kathryn helped me to reconnect with my power, to let go of things that no longer
served me, and to identify as a leader in my own life.

With Kathryn’s support and kindness, I was able to set and achieve realistic goals; identify new sources of income and make more money; and redefine and
reconnect with myself and my work. I am refreshed and prepared to take on the challenges that life sends my way.”


“Kathryn’s depth of experience in diverse national and international contexts informs her insightful approach to working with people.

Highly respected and regarded in higher education, Kathryn’s knowledge of the post-secondary system, including direct experience with Indigenous peoples and programs, allows her to specialize in supporting skill development in navigating through institutional complexities.

Her way of authentically seeing and hearing individuals creates a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for engaging in the exploration of challenges and opportunities.”


“Kathryn was the exact person I needed to talk with and didn’t know it yet.

Her ability and past experience meant that her questions and insights made me realize things in ways that I havn’t yet – and that reframing helped me understand my challenges in ways that I can now turn into opportunities.”


We can connect at a time that works for you, no matter your time zone.


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